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Book review: “Winds of Destruction” by Karen Lykkebo

Winds of Destruction is the first book from The Palace of Winds series by Karen Lykkebo and is bound to get you hooked and wrapped in a multi-layered story that reveals itself bit by bit.

It’s been less than a year since I discovered my new favorite living author – Karen Lykkebo. And at the current moment, I can say I have read all her published books. Every single one of them. Winds of Destruction and Heir to the Sun. Yep! Both of them and I can’t wait until she publishes the next one on Amazon – counting down the days to Winds of Desolations. And if you don’t believe me then go ahead and read up my last book review for “Heir to the Sun”.

When I started to read “Heir to the Sun” I really didn’t know what to expect – what is her writing style and can I tap into that? But this time I was already familiar with her vivid imagination and detailed descriptions of scenery and actions. Not to mention – characters from appearance to deep and twisted feelings.

There maybe isn’t a classical main character?

From the first lines and little bits, Karen had shared in her tweets I had an inkling about the main character. But the farther I reached the more I doubted. And at some point, it started to feel like there maybe isn’t a classical main character at all as I have used to see in books. There were main characters. Or maybe I got this all wrong and I am sure, if this is the case – Karen will correct me. With some deep and twisted snarky comment or a tweet. The horror of reviewing a living author. The upside – is there will be new books!

This weird, tight group is filled with tons of inside jokes to keep strangers on their toes and surprise readers at every angle. This group reminded me of Friends – all those different types of humans, different backgrounds but joined together in mutual goals and having each other back no matter what life throws at them. They got each other and who does need anyone else. But unlike Friends who live safely in the city, this group travel through deep wood, and along with great friendship and love there is an epic war to win.

Once you are in

And just as in Friends – they don’t accept just anyone into their group you need to prove yourself even when vouched by a member. Until then you will get the occasional appreciative eye with secret glances between the core members, but once you’re in – your in and there is no way out. Unlike Friends – this is a fantasy book after all – there are powers beyond our imagination wrapped up in front of us. And once in a while you stop, look around and maybe feel a breeze – and feel this in a whole different way.

Storm – a destructive force of nature with abilities tear down everything. A fragile young girl scared of strangers and distrusting everything unknown, with overwhelming feelings and willingness to sacrifice everything and more for the ones she loves. She will pull you into her whirlwind of emotions from laughter to tears, from love to utter contempt. Karen is a skillful writer putting you in the middle of everything and making you feel every single bit of emotions – Storms and everyone else.

Something will come along

Keeps you on your toes with unexpected turns and twists, giving you hope with one hand and making you keep your breath with the other one. Even if you think you can guess where everything is headed, something will come along to shake everything up and as I reached closer and closer to the end – I became torn between wanting to know faster what happens and being scared of it. At the same time – knowing this is only the first book so the chances of getting the real solution I was hoping for were slim to none, but that didn’t stop me from hoping. And rereading the last page twice just to be sure.

And now I am counting the days til 15.09.2022 when I can get the next one. And if you haven’t read it yet – there is still time before the next one is published.

Have you read either of those books? Do you read fantasy? What was the last great book you read?

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