I created Pine Canvas to follow my journey toward changing my life and hopefully inspire myself and others when things get rough.

The name – my last name translated to English is Pine. Canvas refers to a blank canvas that may become anything – just a blog. Dream. Gallery for my snaps. Future e-shop. My future job?

I hope you stick around and we will find out together what is in the cards for Pine Canvas.

Only you can change your life. Dare yourself!

I have a multifaced day job and I went back to school – so some posts are about my school journey – over a decade later and with a full-time job. I work in a small staff whole-sales company and due to the small staff, my assignments vary from training co-workers, to accounting and IT development projects management.

I am a blogger driven by dreams

So I have mastered several skills and over time I plan to share my tips and experiences with event management, project (including IT) developments, implementation, marketing, and workout adventures – past and future ones. I also have been called Excel master.

Hunting dreams

I got a bundle of dreams. Some say I want too much. But then again – isn’t a probability to get more if I want more?

I will use this blog to track my way to my dreams, so follow me to find out.

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase following my links I may earn a small fee with no extra cost to You. You can read the full disclaimer.

Affiliate in progress

How will this progress goes can be found in future posts – so follow.

About affiliate – this is a collaboration between a product or a service provider and a promoter. Product/service provider will get more publicity and reaches more clients. Affiliate (promoter) can earn a small fee from the purchase made following affiliate links, but with no extra cost to the customer.

One of my dreams is to have some passive income so I at least try to get some affiliate programs to work for me. So far I have been accepted to promote Grammarly, and Dreamhost (hosting this page; ).

If you like to read more then I have a post about choosing a web host and why I like Grammarly

In January 2022 I found out that my favorite design platform I have been using for years has an affiliate program too! Of course, I applied and just got accepted – so use Canva! It’s a lifesaver!

A post about the wonderful features of Canva can be read here.

So follow my journey and let’s find out together where we are headed!