If you are here, you are wondering what and who is behind this page. So I will try to give some answers.

I created Pine Canvas to follow my journey toward changing my life and hopefully inspire myself and others when things get rough. Maybe someone can find comfort in knowing there is someone else struggling or find a motivation to pursue their own dreams.

The name – my last name translated to English is Pine. Canvas refers to a blank canvas that may become anything – just a blog. Dream. Gallery for my snaps. Future e-shop. My future job?

I hope you stick around and we will find out together what is in the cards for Pine Canvas.

Only you can change your life. Dare yourself!

Who am I?

I have a multifaced day job and I went back to school – so some posts are about my school journey – over a decade later and with a full-time job I went back to school. I work in a small staff whole-sales company and due to the small staff, my assignments vary from training co-workers to accounting and IT development projects management. So I chose my major in business administration and management based on my work experience and future possibilities. Most of the topics covered all my self-learned skills so this sounded like a great way to back them up with independent sources that could count more than just my words. This means better options for finding a new job or getting extra skills to go on my own. I hope. I dream.

I am a blogger driven by dreams

So I have mastered several skills and over time I plan to share my tips and experiences with event management, project (including IT) developments, implementation, marketing, and workout adventures – past and future ones. I also have been called Excel master among many things. I will share them over time here.

Hunting dreams

I got a bundle of dreams. Some say I want too much. But then again – isn’t a probability to get more if I want more? Sometimes they shine bright like a sun. Sometimes like an almost burned-out candle in a dark cave. So keeping them here could help me to remember them in those darker moments when everything seems to be failing.

I will use this blog to track my way to my dreams, so follow me to find out. And I will not make a secret of the fact that creating extra income and maybe one day even allow me enough financial independence to work only on the terms I want and on the things I want and enjoy. So there will be affiliate links, ads, or one day even sponsored posts to get me there. I will also use my designing skills to create planners, notebooks, and maybe more. Some of them will be available for free in exchange for a newsletter subscription.

This post contains affiliate links. This means if you purchase following my links I may earn a small fee with no extra cost to You. You can read the full disclaimer.

Affiliate in progress

How will this progress goes can be found in future posts – so follow.

What is an affiliate? This is a collaboration between a product or a service provider and a promoter. Product/service provider will get more publicity and reaches more clients. Affiliate (promoter) can earn a small fee from the purchase made following affiliate links, but with no extra cost to the customer.

One of my dreams is to have some passive income so I at least try to get some affiliate programs to work for me. Firstly I had been accepted to promote Grammarly, and Dreamhost (hosting this page; ).

If you like to read more then I have a post about choosing a web host and why I like Grammarly

In January 2022 I found out that my favorite design platform I have been using for years has an affiliate program too! Of course, I applied and just got accepted – so use Canva! It’s a lifesaver!

A post about the wonderful features of Canva can be read here.

Since September 2022 I got also accepted for Wish. One of my favorite e-shops for a while. The post is coming soon!

So follow my journey and let’s find out together where we are headed!