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How Grammarly has helped me

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Some of you know I use Grammarly and for new readers, the affiliate banner on the side might have given a hint. I have written earlier about why you should use Grammarly so now it’s time to share how Grammarly has helped me.

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I have been using Grammarly for a few years now for work and one of the main reasons was I have learned English grammar for only about 3 years and needed to keep written interaction with our international partners in English.

Finding Grammarly

In the beginning, I used translator programs or sites to check my grammar or look up words. As you can imagine it was time-consuming so I kept an eye out and looked for a better solution constantly. And then I found Grammarly.

And I have to say at first their description seemed like overhyping or a fairytale. Grammar app that checks your writing as you write, corrects and even suggests better words instead of the one you chose. And to drive matters more overboard – suggest modifications for the whole sentence to clarify your point. I installed it.

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I was surprised when it really worked. Like really worked. I didn’t have to waste any time looking up spelling and what articles to use and when. Sure I still use translator websites but only when I don’t recall the word I am looking for in English. Grammarly will take care of everything else. By the way – Grammarly will correct you even if you write a word really wrong – for example, mix up similar letters like C or S, F or PH.


I have Grammarly on my laptop, tablet, and mobile phone. It will correct me while writing e-mails, website content on my day job, blog posts and promotional content, English homework, and even my tweeting. I have gotten so used to it that I feel like I am getting even lazy sometimes with my writing because I know Grammarly has my back. Once in a while, I need to turn it off when writing in Estonian or in Finnish and when I forget to turn it back on. And will be reminded immediately.

Grammarly is constantly upgrading its service. What started out as a grammar checker has become so much more than that. It will analyze the text and let you know how it sounds – sad, happy, informational, etc. With content creation and school work another priceless feature is plagiarism checks and who the heck would want that?

Plagiarism check

When in school work it can only cost your grade (or even a degree – in Estonia there have been few accounts when a degree has been canceled because of plagiarism in theses). As a content creator, it can cost your whole reputation and source of income. The hard part in content creation is that we do read and listen a lot, we consume so much different content from different creators – thinking about them, and discussing the subjects resonating with us so it may blur the lines between yours and someone else’s creations because we get invested.

So it is an excellent security feature to have Grammarly checking up on you and having your back. Sometimes it feels like Grammarly is my invisible writing assistant – correcting my mistakes and typos, suggesting better wording, and even doing research on my behavior to make sure I haven’t unknowingly

My very favorite feature

Actually, I am not sure if should I call it a feature or not. But my favorite part of using Grammarly is the weekly pep-talk e-mails. Grammarly stays fairly invisible while working, correcting, and having your back without demanding your attention. And at the same time keep records of how much you write, how accurate you are, and how wide is your vocabulary.

Grammarly pep-talk

And I really do feel the boosting effect of reading my stats and time after time comparing my progress with the previous week. Sometimes I am utterly surprised by the volume I write and sometimes disappointed. When I have worked on my blog, written posts, and drafts – I expect big numbers and praise. Sometimes I don’t have much time or the drive to write and I am still surprised because while working these lines just form on their own and it doesn’t feel like writing. Though it still is. Technically.

How about you? Have you used Grammarly or any other spell checker? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

2 thoughts on “How Grammarly has helped me

  1. I don’t know what it would be like without this app! It helps me a lot because English is my second language. On top of helping me correct what I type wrong, it also helped me have a better grasp of how to write more properly. Definitely a must!

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