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How to create more memories?

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How to create more memories – lasting ones? We live in a time where it seems to be crucial to be always online. Society seems to expect from us constant posting and updating.
It creates a lot of fake life and sometimes it seems that getting that perfect picture or video for a social media post is the most important thing. Creating questions if I don’t post my trip or join the event – did I go? If nobody sees and likes and knows – did I do that?

Your real-life matters

We are o social media several hours during a day and interact with countless people from all over the world. But at the same time, we can be all alone. Take a moment and think about the persons you most interact with (chat, like, etc) on social media. When did you last time talked or saw them in real life?

Social media gives us a chance to follow all friends’ and acquaintances’ lives, but at the same time – not know anything about them.

But what if ... #motivationalquote
But what if …

Tips to create memories

Life online might be fascinating – everything and everyone at your fingertips. Kind of powerful feeling. I have heard a lot of excuses for 24/7 online presence and why someone can’t put the phone down – most common lately: What if I miss out on something happening?

Everything valuable that happens and finds its way online – will stay there. You can find it later. The real question you should be asking is: But what if you miss something in real life? Can you catch that later – baby’s first steps? A smile on your kid’s face after winning a board game? And there are more dramatic moments you might miss looking at the screen.

#01 Mobile devices

Set your devices only to alert you for important things – calls, SMS.

All default notifications on apps are designed to keep you on them. Keep you in your device. Think hard with what information you let your phone disturb you. And asking, use exactly the word disturb.

#02 Communicate

If possible talk for real. Meet, phone call, or video call.

You will never get the real feeling, emotions of other people while texting. No matter how many emoticons we use. We all have put a smiley while not smiling.

A real voice carries emotions. Real ones. People rarely can hide emotions in their voices. If you got time to scroll for 2 hours on Instagram – you have the time to check in with parents, grandparents – maybe even a quick visit? If they live close by – they will be happy even an hour visit for a cup of coffee.

#03 Meet for real

Whenever possible – always prefer meeting for real with friends. Friends, not strangers. They are safer online.
And don’t meet for selfies! Talk, hang out, walk, take a road trip. Don’t grab your phone to report to the world about it. Enjoy by yourselves.

#04 Explore a new place

Find something new – even in your hometown have places you have never seen. Go to the woods and listen to birds. Look at the flowers and trees – how nature is growing together. It is the greatest reminder that you should not compete with other people, but embrace and respect them. Also yourself.

Events you don’t post – exist!

Online is fascinating and getting likes/comments may lift your spirit. But then again – it might crush it. It is so easy to be evil and mean online and while in real life you can choose to stay away from known toxic people – you can’t online.

Most great pictures will vanish to feed history within hours or days. And they are gone. Memories you get from really experiencing life – stay. Nobody can take your memories. Nobody can erase them. For a moment think – if you are old – would you like to share more memories:

“Once I went (some super place) and in creepy yoga pose I got an epic picture and that picture got 12k likes in Instagram” or

“Once I went (some super place) – the view was so breathtakingly beautiful I gazed it for the longest time – all the colors/animals/mountains. I just forgot to take a snap.” And while closing your eyes describing each one with the same feeling and excitement as you were there.

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