The Internet is full of opportunities and as a blogger trying to chase a dream of having a life where I can decide where and when I work without worrying about paying the bills I need to grab a few of them.

And to make it easier to follow me and find the most suitable one for you to follow and maybe even support me – I will gather here all the relevant links.

If you want to be absolutely sure you won’t miss my new posts and don’t have time to spend surfing online:

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Social media

Twitter is the most active one to keep tabs on “behind the scenes” – where you can get a hint of the next posts and is pretty hard to miss when I got a new post.

Pinterest is my old-time favorite. It literally is the best way to find anything from new dinner ideas to tips in the business, marketing, blogging … whatever you need. Like Google, but you can see pictures and videos right away! So anyway – this is another way to keep tabs on my posts and things I like.

I have created also a group board for bloggers: BlogExpress to share and grow together. There are simple rules – we follow all members and share other members’ pins too. It’s not a board where you just leave your pins. There are plenty of those groups already. If you are up for that, join us!

Instagram – this seems so easy, yet I still struggle with it. I haven’t got the handle on how to make aim Instagram followers to the blog or how to make it beneficial to follow. I will get there. Until then I will share there some nature pictures or quotes, follow me and be patient!

You can buy me a coffee!

And guess what – I will probably use it for coffee for real 🙂 I got Ko-fi page to offer some services so you can benefit from it too – either get a promotion from me or buy my designs. There will be more options coming up!

If you feel stuck, get coffee! #motivationalquote
If you feel stuck, get coffee!