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Questions for coffee-addicts

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As a life-long coffee addict, I gathered here the most popular questions for coffee addicts. It’s weird because I haven’t heard anything like that about other (non-alcoholic) drinks. For some unknown reason, do I have to justify my coffee drinking? Why? Another interesting phenomenon is that mostly these questions come in combos and by relatively strangers. The people who know us – don’t ask these questions.


I have rather controversial feelings about being called a coffee addict. I prefer coffee lover – I love coffee. The taste, the smell, the warmth… I like to have a cup always nearby. Do I start to shake and tremble if I don’t have it? No. Will I be more easily annoyed? Yes. I wouldn’t need medical assistance when I don’t get it. Others might. Not me. Some people drink water, tea, soda, juice, smoothies … and for some weird reasons I have never heard anyone ask them those questions. Why is coffee different? But I have made my peace with the term coffee addict – mainly because this often helps to cut those questionaries short.

How many cups have you already had today?

Do you really think we count them? No. Unless it’s the first cup of a day – we don’t have a clue and we don’t care. We were out of coffee. We got another one. Do you count how many cups of tea (replace with your favorite drink) you drink? Really? Why?

For those who really are dying to find out how much coffee is possible to drink per day. I had home office once, only me at the house all day. I made 3 pots and drank them all. Although – that’s not the limit. Just workday ended and I switched to wine. Being designated driver – it’s a breeze to drink 10 cups at the party within 4-6 hours.

did someone say coffee? Coffee addict sloth

How do you sleep at night after all this coffee?

Probably the same way you do – we will lay on the bed, tuck ourselves in, and close eyes. Unless it’s been a long and hard day, then sometimes we might pass out on the couch watching TV. Coffee doesn’t affect our sleep. At all. We can have a cup and head straight to bed after. By the way – caffeine is also in tea. And in some – even more than in coffee.

And on those occasions we might have problems sleeping – it is not because of coffee. Rather than more serious problems which would keep up anyone.

How can you drink it – it’s so bitter!

Well … you have eyes? Look, just like that. It’s not bitter to us – or we like it. Again – what the hell? Do you really think someone would voluntarily consume anything in large amounts if they don’t like it? Can’t imagine. Realy. Why would you do that?

I find it funny that some people seem to genuinely believe that their opinions are the most valid ones. If they say, it’s no good – then there is no change somebody likes it. There are a lot of coffee addicts in the world who disagree on taste and enjoy it really much.

You know – coffee removes fluids and vitamins from the body. You will get sick!

This one is really special when it is said by people who are sick on regular basis – like every month or two. Most coffee-lovers I know are sick maybe once in three years. I guess our bodies are just so toxic even viruses don’t want us? And still – why do you see the need to say something like that to a stranger? Do you need validation of some kind?

Do you really need another cup? Are you somekind of coffee addict?

Yes. And also – we want to. Why do we need a reason? OK – it’s to help us tolerate all those questions. Coffee addict – sure, what the hell – just let me drink my coffee!

Hey coffee addict: You have to start your day with glass of water! Not with coffee.

Well, technically it is a cup of water. Boiled. With coffee beans/grounds. But it is just to add flavors. Like lemon slices in your water! Morning coffee is essential to us. The magic liquid that prepares us for the day. It makes us happy and warm inside so those among us who really dislike 90% of humans – have some conciliation to get us through the day.

*Coffee memes found on the internet.

13 thoughts on “Questions for coffee-addicts

  1. I love coffee! And I often feel as something is missing without that morning cup of coffee, as well as the afternoon cup. It also helps fuel my writing. I don’t think I’m super addicted as I don’t experience any withdrawal symptoms from not drinking coffee though..

    1. Hey, fellow coffee lover! Coffee is just good 🙂 It’s calming, for me. I know many people don’t get it. For me it is. Often I take a cup before going to bed (and sleep fine!) … warm and good 🙂

  2. I’m quite sensitive to coffee and it sets my veritgo off so I have to be careful. It also prevents me from falling to sleep if think too much! I do love it though.

    Corinne x

    1. I am so sorry to hear that. If you like it you could ask from barista which would be suitable. Good baristas know all this creepy sience how to make even from same grounds/beans totally different drinks and how to lower or hightem coffeein in it, which probably is the cause of troubles.

  3. I love coffee but I don’t drink so much of it that anyone would find that interesting enough to ask me about it. I have one or two cups a day (most of the time). This was interesting to read as I have never been asked anything like this — thanks for sharing!

  4. One question I was surprised didn’t feature in your blog post was: how frequently do you get withdrawal symptoms?

    There’s also, what’s the longest you’ve gone without caffeine? Have you had anxiety or palpitations from drinking too much coffee?

    1. Well these I haven’t heard very often, only few times 🙂
      Main symptoms that occurs is head ache and tired. But not often, because I got my cup always close by.
      I have a really low blood pressure so unless I am working out – no palpitations problems.
      Longest – I think 4-5 days. It only happens when I am sick and got fever. It’s actually first sign, that U am getting sick. And with fever I am mostly asleep.

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