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Shopping for gadgets

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There are a lot of online shops on the internet and one of my favorite shops is Wish. I first found Wish when I need a protective case for my phone. I don’t remember the exact model, but it really doesn’t matter. I am not sure do I pick the wrong models or what, but there are always very few phone case options for my phones around here, and the ones that are available cost at least 30€ and are very boring. But Wish gadgets list is endless! Sometimes I forget myself to scroll there for hours unable to pick something because there are so many. And I can’t buy them all. Not yet at least.


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Mobile phone protective cases wonderland

Phone cases – I understand they are created to prevent damage to our phones. But I want it to be cute or pretty, and since the options here have been lacking I turned to the internet pretty fast when all the local stores showed me only one colored ugly case and prices were around 30€. I think it’s absurd. Time after time it feels like our stores buy phone cases only for iPhones. But I don’t think this is enough reason to switch.

And in Wish I found tons of options all under 10€, I think the best deal for me was for my previous phone – 360 clear covers for 1€! It was a simple and transparent two-piece silicon cover – one for the front and one for the back. And I really liked it because the phone had a pretty rose gold back which could be seen in this case. And it didn’t make my phone much bigger or bulky.

clear phone case

Sometimes it surfaces that I am female after all and this tends to reflect most on my phone. Some days I just want it to look different. To suit my dress code or mood or just to pretend I have a new phone. Because if it looks different – it kind of feels like it too. So I like to have a few different cases at home for this and I would go broke if I would have to buy them for 30€ a piece.

I recently upgraded and I have been looking for new ones, but look at how many there are -> Wish phone cases


There are so many gadget inventions that go from WOW to WHAAT? category. The most common phone accessories people seem to tweak are headphones, and from Wish, you can get all kinds of them. Big ones that cover your ears, small ones you can hide in your ears, bone conduction, headbands, and in all colors or sizes. Wired headphones and microphones and Bluetooth headphones and speakers. And with these – the small ones are convenient, but there is one major flaw – they can be lost easily. But at a cost under 10€, it doesn’t make me really cry.


I use headphones a lot while working in the office because it gets loud here often. And with all those different types of headphones, I really enjoy testing out different types with low costs instead of buying expensive ones and finding out that they don’t fit me. I tried different Airpod-type headphones and this stick-out part gets in the way constantly.

Yeah, I know that true Apple fans will now shout at me that these cheap knockoffs are not the same. But the shape is and it doesn’t go well with me so I am glad I tested with 10$ headphones, not with 200$ – I would have been totally mad at myself for spending and probably force myself to use them anyway. But no I could just take the next type and test with them. Yes, I have a lot of headphones at home and office. There are 2 I mainly use and all the rest are just in case – if I forget the main ones, the break, or I go somewhere with a losing hazard.

Techy nerdy gadgets

But that’s not all. On the side of 101 different selfie sticks and stands, you can find also 101 phone holders for bikes, cars, bathtubs, or how some cooling fans for a hot summer day. Or an umbrella for your phone. There are also 101 different versions of how to use extra storage or temporary storage starting with USB flash drives and ending with a 5in1 card reader that can be attached to your phone.

nerdy gadget

The different accessories options for taking pictures and videos with your mobile can cause a headspin. Holders, shutters, lenses, and light rings. Anything you can Wish 😉 and often even the things you didn’t knew or couldn’t dream of. The gadget wonderland is Wish.

Delivery time and costs

With every online shop, there is the most important question: Delivery!? The location is of course the key factor and more specifically the distance between you and stock. And I must admit Wish delivery times can’t compete with our local shops, but prices do. So I am willing to wait for a while, to Estonia it usually takes 2-3 weeks which isn’t that bad. And I haven’t been disappointed so far.

Like in every other shop – you always must read the description of the product carefully and the included list. Don’t order by pictures! Also, look at the seller – just like eBay there are several different sellers and some bad seeds can find their way in, just check the reviews. For me, out of several years, there has been only one case of no delivery within promised date and this order was refunded within a few days.

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    1. It truly is mesmerizing shop 🙂 And I love how pretty risk-free it is. Firstly most items are so much cheaper that even if it’s not what I wanted it to be – the loss is small, or if the break. And if should happen it doesn’t arrive – I can get my money back with a very small effort. (The last one is easier than from local stores)

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