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Testing massage chair

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If you have read my blog before – you probably know that I went back to school last autumn. This school has a program that every year asks students what they would like to have in school and the most popular wishes go to the poll and the winning idea will be happening. One of the prior year’s winners is a free massage chair for students. So we have a small private room with a fully automatic massage chair to use whenever we want.


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First time testing massage chair

Before this, I had few experiences but with the ones which just vibrate – which were nice and kind of shooting. I didn’t think much about it when I first went to test it. I had some time to kill and after 10h sitting marathon in classes seemed like a good idea. But this massage chair was nothing like the ones I had used before. Nothing.

I was really surprised and speechless. First of all – the remote was big with several buttons. I never have been a big fan of manuals – but I sure did miss one now. But there wasn’t any. So I just sat in it and pushed a few buttons. Boy, I wasn’t ready for that!

Power on and play time

So I pushed the button, not knowing what was going to happen now. The massage chair started to move, lifting my legs, and lowering my back. Gently squeezing every part of me. Like testing where I am and how big I am. Weird feeling.

And then it started slowly with pretty good pressure it rolled around and I could feel all the muscles being surprised by the movement. They were perfectly content in their fixed static state … where they had been all day. So they were in a bit of shock at first.

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It took its time with the legs, back, and arms. Vibration, rolling, shaking – everything in rotation. So after about 20 minutes later – the chair reset itself and stopped. Solid hint to stand up and get lost. I was totally surprised – this really worked. My body wasn’t stiff and hurting anymore. I felt relaxed and even energized.

Trigger alert

Although a massage chair is great to get a quick and surprisingly thorough massage it should come with few warnings. So if you feel these might be any issues for you – don’t test the chair alone. Have someone with you who can shoot you or turn it off for you fast.

I am one of the people who prefer being in control. So it was kind of strange for me. Set the program and it will take its course. So depending on the level of needing control – it might be difficult and hard at first. The first 2 times in a chair I constantly thought about what was coming next. Can I do something or what I should do? So basically while my muscles and body were relaxing and enjoying the moment. My mind was spinning. Non-stop.

Another one – if you have problems with tight spaces, I would suggest having someone you trust nearby. The massage chair will adjust itself to your body meaning it will use pressure to figure you out. Meaning the arms and leg spaces will be pressed together around you. And around your shoulders. If being dramatic for a few moments it might feel like the chair is trying to swallow you.

Would I recommend it?

Totally! And I think I might change my Ko-Fi goal to buying one for home. Wouldn’t it be amazing? Ending every workday with a great full-body massage? In the comfort of your own home!

So how about you – have you tried one?

What was your experience?

12 thoughts on “Testing massage chair

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a massage chair before, but it could be something I’m willing to try out. Out of curiosity, would this be something women would enjoy more like the troupe of women sitting on a washing machine?

    I would have never though of a massage chair as being triggering, so excuse my ignorance, but if it’s ok, could you explain a bit more about how it can trigger you or someone else? Is it just not being in control?

    1. I don’t think it’s female specific in that way 🙂 At least that model didn’t vibrate it was of more pressure with rolling heads.

      It closes tightly around your body, so if tight – small spaces are uncomfortable and combining with lack of control, it might turn to bad experience.

  2. What an impressive massage chair. I’ve been always very skeptical about them but this one seems to really do the job as it fits the body. Very interesting, it made me wish for one too.

  3. Ok! I always remember Joey’s chair whenever b hear something like this. I really liked the fact that you pointed out warnings like spinning head. And that someone needs to control it for those who think they would need monitoring. The idea was nice and maybe 20 minute is also enough, both for the massage and to cater more students. Also, congrats on going back to school. Liked the post. Xx
    Isa A. Blogger

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