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What is Zumba?

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Everybody is talking about Zumba. What is Zumba? Workout what’s supposed to be fun and effective. Well … it sounds a bit too good to be true, right? Or maybe not?

I remember when I first heard about it – I checked on Youtube. Yep. Mistake. All the videos made my head spin! Easy? Their dancing seemed complicated. I stayed with Bodypump. Safe and easy – but this is a topic for another post.

Still, I wondered – what it is and why it is so popular? While waiting for my workout time I peeked through the glass door Zumbatrons finishing their and decided to try.

So I signed up for a class next week and it was – easy and fun. Really.

If you like dancing at all – even a little bit – Zumba is a great workout! The first or first few classes can make you a bit dizzy. Yes. But it has basic steps – with or without hands (your choice!) and all dances are built upon these basic steps.

So why should you try?

  • It’s easy to master.  Few classes and you can feel like a star! And you can use new moves in a dance club 😉
  • You can get fit while having fun. Yes.
  • Your stamina will increase rapidly.
  • you will get a huge energy boost!

And yes,  if you keep going – you will lose weight fast while smiling 🙂

If you put it all in – Zumba will be an intense workout, but you will enjoy every step. You will be waiting for the next class.

How should you prepare for Zumba?

One thing I like about it is – You don’t need special equipment or outfits. I believe that every person has essentials Zumba wear anyway in their wardrobe

You will need:

  • comfortable sneakers *
  • comfortable shirt and pants/skirt
  • small towel

*I have seen a few people doing Zumba barefoot. I don’t recommend that because classrooms tend to be crowded and there is a lot of jumping around, where can happen that someone accidentally steps on your foot.

I have never seen that someone won’t break a sweat so if possible choose breathable clothing.

After the first class, I was more tired I expected, but same time felt super energized. Like a Duracell rabbit! I liked it so much I ended up being a regular, joining Zumba challenges (double time workouts) and charity parties for 3 years. I couldn’t leave Bodypump (loved it too!) so there was time I spent most of my free time in the gym and sometimes taking 3 workouts in a row. But these are stories for another post 🙂

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