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Why you should use a multicooker/instant pot?

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How I discovered instant pot

Multicooker, rice cooker, crockpot, instant pot – magic pot   – working wife secret helper. Here are some reasons why everyone should own instant pot – besides saving a huge amount of time. For a working mom/dad it can be almost a lifesaver. Would you rather stand by the soup pot or spend time with your kids?


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I am living about an hour from the office. Sadly I am not allowed to work from the home office (although my main job would be doable). So I had to figure out how to maximize my time at home with family not standing behind an oven cooking.

Don’t get me wrong – I love cooking and I am a good cook. Still, if arriving home at 6 PM and need to wake up by 7 AM it is preferable to go to bed mid-night at the latest – so max 6 hours at home.

Why use instant pot?

Because these 6 hours should hold a cooking dinner, eating, cleaning up, maybe a working out, relaxing with book/TV, quality time with better half …  kind of cramped, isn’t it? Even with a great man like mine who is always hands-on and does everything also. So the idea of freeing up 1-2 hours from cooking seemed like a dream. Unachievable dream until I stumbled upon an ad saying something: toss all ingredients in before leaving to work – turn on and enjoy the hot meal as soon as you arrive home.

I was like – what? Some machine is cooking for me and it would be good? Sounded more like a hoax. But it stuck in my head – what if? It would be amazing. So one slow afternoon at the office I googled it and ended up in a youtube spiral. I ended up buying one a few days later. Arriving home with it and sharing – my better half thought I was crazy.

multi cooker, rice cooker, instant pot
multi cooker, rice cooker, instant pot

Multicooker in action

I was excited and nervous and still skeptical about this multicooker. So I tried the safest possible meal first oven roast. Prepped the meat and veggies, popped in, pushed the button, and went to chill with the family. And we all were surprised when the machine peeped – I served the dinner. It was good all perfectly cooked. I was afraid that some veggies might be overcooked and meat undercooked. But perfect.

So I tested a few times more while being at home before starting to really trust magic pot. Kids named it magic pot – because it cooked on its own and the food was delicious. I soon even mastered morning porridge with milk – while sleeping. Meaning I put everything ready – set it to be done at the wake-up time – and it was ready totally stress-free. Everyone who has boiled porridge with milk knows the stress. So imagine – pour in milk and oats – leave and come back for perfect porridge.

Soon I was really confident with this magic pot – multicooker made every meal easier. It boiled soup, made oven roast, cooked risotto, cake – everything all by its self. I actually could prep everything in the morning and come back from work when dinner was ready to be served. And the best thing – it keeps food perfectly warm up to 24 hours after finishing a program. So if I miscalculated my or my family’s arrival – food was always ready for eating – never cold or burnt.

Now – I’m looking for a new one because I just suffered a big loss – after 5 years of loyal serving my multicooker died. So keep following – in a near future, there will be a new post on tips on how to choose the best multi-cooker for you from long lists like these.

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