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Why use Grammarly?

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Doesn’t matter in which language you write – there will always be questions: is this right? Or maybe I should use a different word in this sentence. Especially when you not writing in your native language.


*Updated 4th August 2022

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But what is Grammarly?

I am sure you have seen their commercial here and there. Maybe even clicked and then closed it, because it wasn’t clear why is Grammarly useful. Grammarly is an online grammar corrector to help out with free english grammar whether you are writing in Microsoft Word, or Google Docs on anywhere else, and providing you with tools for taking your writing skills to next level.

My native is Estonian. And officially I have learned English for only 4 years in school so most of my English is self-taught. For a few years now I have been in a position at work where I have to write in English – sometimes whole day passes in English. And although I am pretty confident I do know that there are grammar rules I don’t know or remember and also the TYPOmonster! You know, the one that switches letters on your keyboard and makes you type weird words.

Well – Grammarly will have your back, fighting TYPOmonster and placing (or removing) commas or right pronouns! And the best part of it? It’s free! Really. You can just add it to your browser or download it. Grammarly works online and when you add it to your browser – Grammarly checks the text and any content for grammar mistakes and sentence structure where ever you are – tweeting or sending messages on Facebook, writing captions on Instagram, or sending e-mail to your clients. Grammarly will make writing easy and improves writing skills in every step.

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But I have been fine so far…

If you are absolutely 100% sure your language skills are perfect and will never make an error. Then you don’t need it.

But if you are not that sure, then just give it a try. You can choose which English you are using and what type of writing are you mostly doing. If you choose official then it will help you keep texts more official and shows you when and how you could change the text for the better. And in an official letter, I find it really helpful that all typos will be fixed and often recommended how the sentence could go on and sometimes fixes the whole thing.

My Achilles heel in English is punctuation and pronouns. No matter how much I try I always will miss “the” on “a” from somewhere. I know they are existing and are kind of important, but since Estonian doesn’t have them then it’s a bit hard to get used to. To be honest – they seem pointless to me.

And commas – OK, to be honest, I struggle with them in Estonian also 🙂 But still, after installing Grammarly I know I don’t have to worry about these anymore. Writing blog posts or e-mails to my foreign partners at the day job or school paper – at least in English, my writing doesn’t have punctuation errors.

Hey! I am a writer – I have an editor for that!

Hopefully, some of my readers are already real writers (with published books and all) and some are bloggers – for fun or full-time. The first ones might discard Grammarly cause they have real-life professional editors behind their back.

A full-time blogger might think it’s irrelevant since they have enough readers and followers so why bother? Everything is fine! Yes, might be.

But have you ever had a writers-block? Low points when you think you are not good at writing. Deadlines to keep and for that, do you need to write a certain amount of words in a week or month?

Well, Grammarly will send you insights into your progress. Gives you a pep talk and keeps an eye on your word count. And you may gain a few extra respect points from your editor if your text improves 🙂

Grammarly insights preview 2

Even while writing, it will determine the writing tone – so you can change it on the fly if it’s not what you were going to. Mine comes on Monday morning – and who doesn’t need some good words on Monday? Maybe someone who already has a dream job with dream co-workers. But that’s not me. Not yet.

Blogging and Grammarly?

I am sure it helps. Actually, I find it a lot easier to get all green lights from the Yoast SEO plugin while using Grammarly. Seriously, because turns out that when Grammarly thinks my text is easy and good to read – so does YoastSEO. But unlike YoastSEO it gives me direct recommendations while writing. I know, YoastSEO has how-to articles. But the definition of passive voice doesn’t help me. Showing that this or that word might be better – does.

Sadly on an Android device, I haven’t gotten quite handy with it, so whenever I rewrite posts on my tablet – I edit them on my PC and let Grammarly do its magic.

The monster of plagiarism

When you are writing for a larger audience or more official document, report, or school paper you might need to be sure that you can’t be charged with plagiarism – Grammarly got you covered with this too. You can check your text for plagiarism. Plagiarism checker gives you a full report about grammar, spelling, punctuation, readability, conciseness, word check, and any other writing issues.

Grammarly Plagiarism check results for sample

With official documents, you can prevent people from accusing you of presenting someone else’s thought’s as your own which may affect your credibility. And no one wants that! So just try it – check your texts and spelling, sentence structure, and word choices – Grammarly is so much more than just a free online grammar check.

Have you tried Grammarly?

  • Yes – Did you like it?
  • No – why?

13 thoughts on “Why use Grammarly?

  1. I’ve been using Grammarly for over a year now I think. English is not my native language so it has double value to me. It’s a great tool to have, especially if you aim to be a fair writer/blogger.

  2. I used to use Grammarly and be an affiliate for them. I was even a premium member for a year. But at least once a year when WordPress did an update, Grammarly wouldn’t work with WordPress for several months. This happened thelress years in a row, so I switched to a different service

    1. That’s interesting. So far I haven’t had any trouble. I have used it for 2 years I think, though blog/WordPress experience only 6 months. I will keep an eye on this. Thanks!

  3. Grammarly definitely helps to tighten up our grammar game. Use tools to make writing flow smoothly and to publish posts with increased confidence. Super points here. Congrats on your affiliate sale too; saw your tweet!

    1. Yes, it gives additional boost! Also to Monday morning emails, summing up how much I have written and how much of it was correct from the start 🙂

      Thank you!

  4. My supervisor recently told me about Grammarly for work and I decided to give it a shot when it came to blogging as well. It’s extremely useful in picking up minor grammatical errors I otherwise would have missed.

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