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Back to school with full-time job?

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keep calm and don't give up


Back to school?

I’m sure all adults have at least once thought about going back to school. So have I – for about 2-3 years now. But it seemed always so scary. 

I don’t have any traumatizing stories from school time. It was not all that fun all the time, but it was alright. I had to work with some studies and some just kind of flew by. So what was I afraid of now?


Do I have time?

The first question was (and still is) – Do I have time? With a full-time job and at the moment I also have an extra part-time job – so when should I find time to go to school or do homework?

But then again is there ever an ideal time? 

I do want a better job – with better pay and more flexible time. I know I’m good at what I do and will learn fast anything I set my mind to. But how to prove to strangers that? Kind of only universal way is a school diploma.

It shows you have mastered something.

It shows you can dedicate and learn.

With a lot of encouragement from my better half, I got to acknowledge that  I don’t lose anything while trying. I don’t have to make the final decision before I get the results.  I signed up for entrance examinations to two schools with specialties I liked and felt practical.


I got in!

So after few days of horrors – wondering am I failure if I don’t get in? But what if I do – how am I to pull this off? Reveal day I went to check online (upside of living in e-country – almost everything is online) – and stared for few moments in disbelief – I got in! Really? 


So the journey begins in few weeks. I’m sure I end up regretting this at times but at the moment I hope that in the end, I will be glad. Maybe even proud? But until then – keep calm, drink coffee, and don’t give up!


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