Working two jobs at once
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What it’s like working two jobs at the same time?

There are a lot of talk and references of people working two jobs. Some are doing it because they need to, some use it as a way to reach their goals sooner. But what does working two jobs really means?

Thrill of accomplishment

At first, there is a thrill of accomplishment after you find that second job that fits your schedule – you probably didn’t want to skip or lose the first one or cut the hours there. Even possible you don’t want them to know about it. So it wasn’t easy to find the second one. But you did it.

At first, there is excitement like in any other job at the beginning. You find yourself energized and capable of doing more than before. You are surprised. And try, even more, taking on more tasks, more hours. It kind of addiction – you want more. More hours means more money. More money means you get to your goals faster.

Reality check

The truth is that the human body can handle and cope well. It will adapt and the more we push it, the sooner it will hit survival mode. You have basic needs – eat, sleep, drink. The more you work, the less time you have for other activities. The body will demand sleep because it is physically tired. But will cope with the hours it gets. Taking a toll. The less we sleep – the less our brains work. So if your job demands thinking or even higher-level analysis and management – you lose your shine. Missing things or messing up, or just forgetting.

After you realize that you are just too tired, overworked, and stressed out – the smart thing would be to pick one. But as I said, it’s a kind of addiction and hard to let go of. So you take a weekend off and sleep through it. Hoping it helps. It might. In short term.

Losing the happiness

Each has it different, some last longer, some less. It does depend on the jobs, and overall hours – but humans are not meant to work around the clock. We are social beings and we need to rest, live, and communicate with others – friends and family. More than typing behind the screen.

I lasted three years working one full-time and one part-time job. Which meant working around 250 hours a month – some more, some less. It is about an hour drive to work so it became a quick routine to wake up at 7 AM to get to the office by 8-9 AM. From where I left at 5 PM to start my second job at 6 PM. On weekdays my shift was until 10 PM which got me home after 11 PM. Eat, shower, sleep, repeat.

I started to skip mirrors pretty fast. My body didn’t take well the pressure. Demanding food, but I didn’t had the energy to give it the right ones – I went for the easy ones which were neither nutritious nor healthy. I know I needed to eat better, to work out – but my mind was just blank.

After a while, I arranged vacations from both places at the same time. I gained a bit of my brain back and started to look at easy and healthy options which I have shared here a few times. But not sleeping enough can’t be fixed with food or energy drinks. Just by sleep.

Last autumn I started school – so I added another time-consuming obligation to my table. And demanded my sleep-deprived brain to start working on overdrive. Crazy? There are a lot of memes out there about how sleep and naps are rewards for adults. While working two jobs (or double hours at one) sleep and nap may become the only thing you will wait for in a day.

Maybe necessary – never worth your health

There might be times it is necessary to work at two jobs but keep an eye out for your health. It takes a big toll on your physical health – unregular sleep and eating. And an even harder one on your mental health. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. And if your mental health is fragile and made you struggle before – that kind of self-abuse might be too much.

I have gathered that mine is pretty stubborn and can fight off a lot. So if I reached the point I didn’t want to wake up. I am afraid of how far could it go. Luckily I wasn’t alone – my better half was right beside me and kept me going. Gives me a reason to wake up and hold on. With the hope that it wouldn’t be forever, we will have our dream.

This blog is another attempt to reach the dream and make it happen, but without sacrificing my health completely. I hope and dream. Although I am thankful for the experience I really don’t want to take another physical part-time job that will rob me of sleep and family time. The blog I can do – writing has always been my passion and a way to see myself clearer. The affiliate links on the sidebar are the easiest ways to support my dream without any extra cost. And I will always love a cup of coffee.

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