I am a blogger driven by dreams

I created Pine Canvas to follow my journey toward changing my life and hopefully inspire myself and others when things get rough. Maybe someone can find comfort in knowing there is someone else struggling or find a motivation to pursue their own dreams.

I am a blogger driven by dreams and reaching for them, sharing my journey in my blog with the hope to inspire and motivate others to chase their dreams. 

Every journey begins with first step.
Every journey begins with the first step

My little e-shop corner

I recently opened my little e-shop corner where you will find my designs, planners, and workbooks either for a small fee to support me or free of charge. Time after time you will find here also seasonal discounts and hopefully soon a lot more items!

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  • How to cope with job change?

    How to cope with job change?

    Changing jobs can be nerve-racking. There may be several reasons to change jobs, some are forced and some are done willingly, and some of them can be good and joyful. But not always. Whatever the reason is – it is hard emotionally and as harsh […]

  • How Grammarly has helped me

    How Grammarly has helped me

    Some of you know I use Grammarly and for new readers, the affiliate banner on the side might have given a hint. I have written earlier about why you should use Grammarly so now it’s time to share how Grammarly has helped me. Advertisements I […]

  • Change of the years

    Change of the years

    It’s January, the beginning of the year – and this will be in some ways very typical first post of the year and at the same – not at all. I will reflect on my last year and thoughts about the new year, but I […]