I am a blogger driven by dreams

I created Pine Canvas to follow my journey toward changing my life and hopefully inspire myself and others when things get rough. Maybe someone can find comfort in knowing there is someone else struggling or find a motivation to pursue their own dreams.

I am a blogger driven by dreams and reaching for them, sharing my journey in my blog with the hope to inspire and motivate others to chase their dreams. 

My main writing topics are:

Every journey begins with first step.
Every journey begins with the first step

My little e-shop corner

I recently opened my little e-shop corner where you will find my designs, planners, and workbooks either for a small fee to support me or free of charge. Time after time you will find here also seasonal discounts and hopefully soon a lot more items!

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  • She lost all she had

    She lost all she had

    story from an unwritten book She learned from her early days that there are very few people she can count on. Including the ones that are on the paper should have her back anytime. Should. She had learned it the hard way time and time […]

  • Why do we get hooked on the series?

    Why do we get hooked on the series?

    There is something about series that glues us in front of the TV with wanting more. It’s like an addiction. We need another and another dose – get involved with the lives of fictional characters fictional lives. We invest our time and feelings in something […]

  • The fight for creativity

    The fight for creativity

    Creativity is a fragile little thing – have you noticed? It’s hard to predict what and how it’s affected by the life surrounding it. Sometimes it thrives under misery, sometimes in the highs of happiness or in the dullness of life. And then out of […]