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When it hasn’t been …

So it has been a while, I know. I just got caught up in … life. Sometimes it is hard to grasp everything and keeping up. On top of everything I managed to lose my blog backup and had to start over. Although there was a hidden blessing – I had wanted to redesign my blog, but it seemed too much work, now I had to.

So thinking back I remembered how often I pushed back posting because I didn’t had time to create all the images for to posts. So this time around I decided to focus more on the written word and less on the graphics. Which doesn’t mean there won’t be pictures when I feel like they are needed or give something extra. I just won’t torture myself to create several pictures for a post because SEO tools say they are needed after x amount of words. I am done with it. I do like designing things, planners, calendars, images etc and they will be shared with you, but I will keep them separated unless the posts need them.

So to be clear: if you are looking colorful, graphic and easily browsable blog to scroll through – this one isn’t it.

I am utterly thankful for Vanessa sending me witchcraft website with my blogs archives which allowed me to transfer most of my lost content back to my blog. Surely there were losses, the drafts and maybe something more. I started my blog on the 21th so all the old posts I transferred has been set with the 21th date of the month they were originally published.

This year could easily be described as a great and successful – I got new job, which turned out to be everything I ever wanted, I graduated school and we moved into the dream home. Sounds like a perfect year to wrap up? If only there wouldn’t be past mistakes and this insane inflation to make everything worse and harder than it has to be. And every time it it looks like there is hope – something changes. I have never tried so hard to do everything right and still fail in so many levels in my personal life. Though I still feel blessed, as odd as it is. I have home and a family. I still have hope, although I never thought in this age I would struggle with things like this, I know it will be over. One day. Hopefully soon. I am getting tired of this constant worry.

I am not going to claim the reason for this blog and creative add-ons (planners, calendars etc) is only an outlet for my creativity. I could, but that would be a lie in this stage of my life. A part of the reason is trying to get over the struggles of my mistakes and help us fix up dream home. One of the most missed thing is sauna. So if you see anything you like and are in position to support by purchasing or sending coffee I would be grateful. I am setting up Support page with all the links and you can send coffee from sidebar.

I had a pleasure of helping Vanessa with an amazing project: Intuitive Mandalas: Your Personal Magic Circle | 2024 Class check it out and hopeful you still can have spot there. It will be a great journey of self-discovery, awareness and creativity. Check it out:

Intuitive Mandalas: Your Personal Magic Circle | 2024 Class

I am looking forward to next year. Hopeful and hoping, for everything to workout at last. Hoping to be around here more and have more stories to share with you about everything and more.

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