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Book review: “Heir to The Sun” by Karen Lykkebo

“Heir to The Sun” as an ARC reader, starting a blog, and going back to school – last year involved a lot of firsts and new adventures for me. Yes, I know some younger readers may laugh, but yes these things qualify as adventures for me. And I am sure I would be pre-exhausted by anything young people consider an adventure.

How I became an ARC reader?

An ARC (Advanced Review Copy) reader is a person who receives a pre-published copy of your book (usually after final editing, but before proofreading). Also referred to as “early reviewers,” ARC readers are given a free copy of your book in exchange for leaving an honest book review (typically on Amazon and/or Goodreads) once the book is available for distribution.Google search

So I was trying to figure out how to market my blog and get the traffic there I was steered to Twitter. I read it was supposed to be one of the best places to promote your blog. Since I was there for blog promotion I searched blogging and writing tags and groups. I found a surprising group of bloggers and authors all super supportive and helpful. One day I saw a tweet asking if anyone would like to read a book as an ARC reader. I love reading books but didn’t have a clue about ARC readers. So I replied and from tweets to DM and to e-mail – I had gotten really fresh copy of an “Heir to The Sun”

“Heir to The Sun” Karen Lykkebo

I don’t remember when was the last time starting to read a book made me nervous – maybe in school? The compulsory literature ones, but that was because most of them were boring as hell. And I usually knew which one of them and there was not a way out of them. I didn’t this time.

After a volatile relationship, all Aura wanted was to start a new life far from her ex-boyfriend, Dave. A sleepy café in a small town seemed the perfect place to reinvent herself, and when a mysterious woman befriends her, enchanting her with fairytales and offering an escape to another world, Aura could have got into more than she bargained for. But when Dave unexpectedly shows up, angry and determined, Aura’s left with little choice but to run.“Heir to The Sun”, Karen Lykkebo

And to top it off: it’s a strange feeling, reading a book – knowing the author of the book knows you are reading it. Yes, I know the whole point of writing books is that someone reads them, and preferably the more the merrier. But getting the book from an actual author, who is waiting for my opinion.

From first page

I opened “Heir to The Sun” and started reading and I was hooked. From the first page, I was caught in the action. Feeling every feeling and tremble of Aura and rooting for her. The pages flew by unnoticeably and I found myself walking beside Aura. Stumbling at times, anxious and overwhelmed. I didn’t even notice that some things are off. Somewhere in the middle of small-town sleepy life mixed with fear.

Suddenly I was wondering – when will it turn to fantasy? There have been glimpses of Auras memories and the intense conversations with a mysterious woman. And just when I finished this thought I found myself in the middle of a fierce and unexpected twist of an action.

After all kinds of fantasy, mystery, sci-fi books, movies and series I really didn’t think I could be surprised. But here I was. reading and mind were blown how from troubled and struggling young women formed into something else. Something totally new and I couldn’t wrap my head around it and found myself clueless while I tried to predict what will happen next.

And then BOOM!

When I least expected I was thrown into a major fantasy battle from every direction. No prep or warning. I was going through pages forgetting everything around me. And irritated every time someone tried to snap me out of it.

Karen has mastered the balance between thrilling action and quiet breathing spaces. Still leaving a whole bunch of questions in the air. Questions preventing you to put down a book. Yearning for more and more. With super vivid descriptions of everything, you will be lost in a supernatural wonderland growing and exploring alongside Aura. Never going too overboard with the description but giving just enough to really get the picture. Or the feelings of characters – the curiosity, fear, anger, frustration, love.

To the last page

All the way through the book I felt like I was walking beside Aura, discovering something truly exceptional and hard to believe truth about Aura and her family and abilities. Step by step learning and fighting against still yearning for more and more. And I gotta say – I was the most surprised when I turned the page and discovered – this was it. I finished the book. Really? But … I need a sequel!

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